For Buyers: We do the legwork so you don’t have to!

Buying a new home, townhome, condo or investment property is a major financial step. We get this, and so we put the entire team at your disposal ensuring that you are in the perfect position to find that ultimate dream home.

Purchasing a new home is about more than merely looking at listings, reviewing photos and doing a walk through to determine whether or not the property meets your needs and wants. Purchasing a home is about doing that crucial “homework” first, before you venture out onto the market. Our job is to compile all of the necessary information you need to know so that you have the best chance at getting the perfect property.

Below is a brief overview of the steps we take you through as you begin your home buying journey:

The Preliminaries. Certainly a home that looks beautiful, has great amenities and falls within your price range is going to be an attractive contender, but you also need to understand the market and the neighborhood specifications regarding any property that you may be considering. Our team will make sure that you are armed with all of the relevant facts and data so that you can make smarter choices.

 For instance: What is the school district like? How have other properties in the neighborhood sold? Where do area resale values tend to fall? Knowing the answers to such pertinent questions will only enhance your buying experience.

Then, putting together a detailed prospectus outlining your needs, wants and ultimate wish list, we will do the searching and scouring for you. The Greater Toronto area is pretty large. As realtors and experienced agents we know exactly how to fine tune your home search and make it as productive as possible so that there is no time wasted on random searches or property listings that simply do not meet your requirements.

We also have access to potential homes that may not yet appear on the MLS. Our network throughout the region is strong, this translates to an incredible advantage for you.

Figuring out the Financials. Perhaps one of the most difficult and potentially frustrating parts of searching for a new home to purchase begins with understanding the overall financial picture in terms of what you can afford and how to go about procuring a mortgage.

With our experience in this facet of home buying, we can certainly steer you in the right direction. Not to mention, our robust network of lending partners and institutions makes the process that much easier for our buyers. From getting you pre-approved, to determining the down payment (or if you even need a down payment) to helping you get a favorable interest rate, Action Team takes care of its customers.  

Below are several other costs that you need to consider when buying a home—but you don’t need to worry, our expert staff is here to walk you through it!

Mortgage insurance

Home Insurance

Transfer tax

Home Inspection Fees

Legal Fees

Closing Costs


Purchase Negotiations. Once we’ve identified the ideal property for you, we will spearhead the negotiating process on your behalf. Our years of experience and training in these matters are to your benefit. This is what we are here for! From drafting your Offer of Purchase to handling any counter offers that may come into play, we adeptly facilitate the back and forth between buyer and seller so that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

When you finally decide to take that step and purchase a new home, Action Team should be your first stop. Our all-inclusive approach makes it so that you only need to come to us…we take care of the rest!