For Sellers: The Goal is Quite Simple: Sell that House!

Selling a house can definitely be a stressful process. And without the right realty team behind you, it could be a bumpy ride. Action Team makes your home sale seamless from beginning to end. Our mission is as simple as it gets: sell your house quickly and efficiently while maximizing your profit. We don’t need to offer you some slick sales lines here because our results speak for themselves. With a diligent, honest and fair approach to every home sale or transaction, we have stablished a reputation of hard work, integrity and success. So what exactly can you expect from the Action Team upon deciding to list your home with us…

Complete Home Evaluation. Selling a home quickly is about understanding exactly where your house falls in terms of the overall regional market and subsequently, what price point you need to be at. We know Toronto real estate and so we know that upon beginning any sales process we have to do a complete home evaluation. Assessing factors such as age, location, general condition, and size, we will establish the perfect price at which your home will sell!

Prepping your Home. Going on the market too early, before your home is actually ready is a critical mistake that unfortunately many people make. First impressions are what count. Buyers can only judge on what they see when they walk in the door. So your home needs to be the very best version of itself. Our network of experts can help you organize, declutter, repair cosmetic damages, and paint. Once we’ve gotten the property into tip top condition, then it is time to stage it.

Home staging is often overlooked and yet it is one of the most important things you can do to give your property the advantage over others available in the area. A potential buyer needs to be able to envision themselves living in your space; they need to feel as if they have entered a picture perfect catalog, a home into which that they can move right and begin their new life. We have partnerships with a number of top stagers who know precisely how to create this feeling and entice that future buyer!

After the staging is complete and your home is ready for its debut on the MLS, we will bring the best available photographer in to make your house look spectacular in pictures! According to recent surveys, more and more people are purchasing homes sight unseen, just based upon the pictures and video they see online. We ensure that your listing has both – a dynamic 360 video as well as a catalog of gorgeous interior and exterior shots.

Going on the Market. If your home doesn’t get seen, it is not going to sell…it’s as simple as that. We are well-versed in all aspects of real estate marketing, what’s more, our approach is comprehensive, laser-focused, and we get results. Taking advantage of both online and offline venues and techniques, we will put your listing in front of as many potential buyers as we possibly can. Here are just a few of the areas and channels that we engage in order to get your property sold:

  • MLS: The Multiple Listing Service is the gateway to most home sales. The first stop for many prospective buyers, this platform is a necessity for anyone wishing to sell their home. And we will not simply let the listing sit; updating, adding or changing pictures, adjusting details if necessary, we are constantly working to make sure your home has the ultimate MLS presence.
  • Other Real Estate Platforms: Beyond just listing your home on the MLS, we will also place it on all available and relevant sales sites and platforms. These include:, Zillow, Trulia, Facebook, & Wechat…etc.
  • Social Media: More and more buyers are turning to social media in order to view listings, find properties for sale, and look at pictures. You can’t afford not to have your house on these invaluable platforms. So from Facebook, to Twitter, to Pinterest, we will make sure your listing gets a strong social following.
  • Print Promotions: Ignoring the offline marketing potential is a huge mistake. This is why our strategy is comprehensive. With glossy and attractive brochures, we highlight the best features of your property. Our bright and engaging signs helps attract buyer attention, and our newspaper and magazine promotions offer your listing the maximum amount of exposure.
  • Open Houses: Some realtors shy away from the open house experience. Our goal is to sell, and in order to do that we need to get traffic moving through your actual home. Open houses provide a great opportunity for specialized marketing targeted specifically to the open house itself and for generating that foot traffic your house needs. Don’t worry, we handle all of the details right down to the post-open house cleanup.


Negotiating offers. You obviously want the most money you can get for your property. This is exactly what we want as well! So we will handle the initial offers, counter offers and final purchase agreement, with your best interest in mind every step of the way. You can count on Action Team to get you the best results, every time.